Operant-Tech: Applying Behavior-Based Solutions to Improve Organizational Performance
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Operant-Tech: Improving Behavior and Organizational Performance

Operant-Tech Consulting effectively creates lasting positive change through the application of behavioral science to business and industry. Behavioral science is the study of what motivates people and how to create performance enhancing situations. Nearly every aspect of all businesses involves people, yet few business leaders have received training on this science.

By harnessing the power of behavioral science, you can prevent energetic new hires from becoming unmotivated employees, get the most out of training solutions, tap into new levels of employee performance with speed and precision, and solve those people problems that have been keeping you awake at night.

Operant-Tech Consulting specializes in employee motivation, precision measurement, coaching, performance management, instructional design, training development, computer-based instruction, systems analysis, fluency training, incentives, feedback, and generating discretionary effort.

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